Our Bees

Bee Amour founder Anna Gieselman and her Austin, Texas urban apiary.

In 2015 Bee Amour partnered with milk + honey spa to create our very own apiary and beekeeping apprenticeship program. We started with 10 hives and have plans to double that in 2016.  Part of our mission to save the bees involves teaching others how to raise healthy bee colonies.  Each year several milk + honey employees participate in a year long apprenticeship program under the guidance of Anna.  Our hopes are that these new beekeepers go on to have hives of their own and spread the word about the importance of bees.  Check out our write up in Edible Austin!

Healthy Hives

At our apiary we do our best to consider what is best for our bees and treat them with respect and kindness. We raise our bees with the intention of supporting them through non-aggressive beekeeping techniques and with the goal of raising healthy strong hives for our environment.  We do not use industrial chemicals, miticides, or fungicides on our colonies and we only feed them when food resources are unavailable naturally. We hope to see the apiary continue to thrive and expand in the coming years as well as use the bees as a tool to keep the conversation going about the role humans must play in cultivating a healthy ecosystem.  

Keep up with our bees and learn about their importance in our world and how you can help sustain them at our Bee About It Blog!